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What to plant? Where to store? How to sell? Can I harvest more?

Juparanã has the answer you are looking for.

Juparanã is a company dedicated to the business of supplies and services for grain production in the Paragominas Agricultural Center. It has been in business since 2001 and is a pioneer in the field.

Founded by Mr. José Carminati, the company started taking delivery of grain, providing drying and storage services, evolving each year. Nowadays, it is a reference in innovation and technology for the grain production chain.

Juparanã helps in planning the crops, choosing the best seeds, the best techniques and the best fertilization and everything else needed for the crops germinate and grow healthy.


Thrive in the agribusiness producing food, innovatively and sustainably selling integrated products and services, engaged with the community, adding value to your team, shareholders and business partners.


Be acknowledged as a company that, through the innovative capacity and technical potential of its staff, offers integrated solutions for a sustainable agribusiness model.


  • Ethics – Trustworthiness and Fairness.
  • Valuation of partners – Customers, suppliers and human resources.
  • Environmental responsibility – Determined to advancement and full compliance with laws.
  • Focus on human capital – Respecting people, shared management, investment in intellectual capital and team spirit.
  • Sustainable management – Focus on quality, professional environment, entrepreneurship, responsiveness and solidity.
  • Innovation – Processes, technology, business models and products.
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Onde Estamos

+55 91 3221-4888
Rodovia PA 256, Km 03, s/n - Nova Conquista
Paragominas - Pará - Cep. 68627-451
Caixa Postal. 346
Dom Eliseu
+55 91 3221-4888
BR 222 - km 05, s/n - Gleba Surubiju
Dom Eliseu - Pará - Cep. 68.633-000
Açailândia - Maranhão
+55 91 3221-4888
BR 222, Altura do KM 24, S/N,
Zona Rural