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Products and Services

The Juparanã is the major partner of the farming families of the region. Its offers ranges from the raw materials for grain production that can be paid by the production itself through Baratto to the development of technologies and services to maximize results.

The Integrated Solutions project will bring the very best and newest in technology for the corn and soybeans crops in our region, from the agronomical planning of the fields to the selling of the harvests, including the raw materials required for maximum productivity.

Count on Juparanã before planting and after harvesting! Here you will find the best selection of seeds, agrochemicals, fertilizers and a technical assistance team fully committed to bringing results and the most advanced research and development technologies.

Products and Services

  • Cultivar (To Grow) Business Unit
    The starting point of everything. In this unit the company produces seeds employing state of the art technology, taking care of the environment and society. There are approximately 10,000 ha of our own and leased areas planted with corn, soybeans and rice. In them we have the opportunity to develop new technologies, adapt soybean varieties and corn hybrids, and find the solution that our partners seek.
  • Padrão (Standard) Business Unit
    The Juparanã finances and guarantees the purchase of production around the region. The Padrão unit receives, standardizes and sells grains from our partners and has a system of modern storage units, with professional staff, which provides services and sells grains throughout the Pará State.

  • Parceria (Partnership) - Barrato Business Unit
    The Parceria Business Unit offers the Baratto (Italian, exchange) mode of business, which allows Juparanã partners acquire all raw materials for farming paying with a fixed amount of their production. This makes the farmer know the final cost of his crop before he plants it, allowing better planning of the crop and increased profitability, and offers him the biggest and best services package and technical assistance in the region.

    Thus, the producer can plant confidently, knowing how much he will profit from his crops. He can have better planning in order to increase profitability.

I am all attentive at the time to sell our production. In the rises and falls in prices sound advice is needed, as it is always difficult to decide when to sell. Then it is good that Juparanã got people thinking about it just to make our lives easier! And also there is Baratto, so we buy the raw materials and pay for it with our production! Then it is just a matter of taking good care of the crops.

Main Partners (Highlighted Title)

Syngenta    Aurora Seriös    Nortox   Quimifol   Yara   Chemtura AgroSolutions   Nufarm Brasil
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